Hello, I'm Jennifer Glass, Owner | CEO of KORE MOVEMENT™ - A Lifestyle Brand.

Certified Yoga Instructor > 1,000+ Teaching Hours

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Born and raised in Leawood, KS with a few years in Laguna Beach, CA I’m currently in Leawood, KS as a new mom of TWO! A marketing and social media executive turned entrepreneur.

I’ve been nationally recognized and awarded as an expert in marketing to kids + millennial families through years of experience working in global advertising for some of the world’s most iconic brands: Colgate, Wendy’s, DreamWorks and beyond. Combining this experience, a Master’s Degree and endless hours of yoga training all completed in Southern California, I married it all together and created KORE MOVEMENT.

Yoga has completely transformed my entire lifestyle. My mission is to help others experience the magic of yoga too.