What Yoga REALLY Is?

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Yoga, ultimately, is a roadmap that allows a person to discover their truth. It illuminates all the facets of who you really are at your core; it holds a candle up to fear and shines a light on all the possibilities and potential within you. It highlights all the ways your actions affect your vitality, the ways your choices can either weigh you down or allow you to soar.  Yoga is not about always being ‘zen,’ it is about transcending the boundaries we have put up inside our minds. It is about immense, unapologetic, world rocking growth. In practice it is inevitable to come up against discomfort, to come up against resistance. The human instinct is to flee; our sympathetic nervous system kicks in and tells us to get out. You will find yourself saying things like “This is painful… I will never be able to do this.” This is when embracing courage will lead to a breakthrough. You must believe fiercely in your ability to persist: because this is exactly where growth lies.  Yoga, above all, ignites your spirit. It helps you tap into your authentic body and illuminate the perfect nature of everything you already are. The yoga journey is not about seeking but rather about acknowledging that everything you are looking for already exists inside you. Right now, there is a power in your heart that doesn’t need to be sought out or altered; it is the divine essence. Living in you is your greatest wisdom, your greatest enlightenment and that is why you need look no further than your mat. Everything is already here, ready for you to access and accept today. Just as you are.  

All you need to do is start chiseling away. Begin carefully excavating and start getting rid of everything that is no longer serving you. Throw away the things that are weighing you down and keeping you from authenticity.

 That is all yoga really is: revealing ourselves to our Self.

You are the divinity you are seeking. You are the truth you are manifesting. So open up and let yourself in. (It feels good doesn’t it?)

Splits59   in my favorite place on earth  Laguna Beach , CA #visitlaguna 

Splits59  in my favorite place on earth Laguna Beach, CA #visitlaguna