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Have you checked out the Namaste TV Yoga Challenge? You can still jump in for grounding poses, twists and hip openers. Tight hips are the natural result of hours spent sitting in chairs, and the outcome can be limited mobility and the all-too-common problem of lower back pain. Week 4 is about loosening the hips up, and working through their full range of motion.

The final peak pose is Flying Pigeon, a pose as challenging as it is beautiful. You’ll need open hips to try this pose, so whether you manage its full expression or not, this week will give you the foundation to one day achieve it.

With the Namaste Yoga Challenge you experience four weeks of daily yoga from January 15 to February 11th, with weekly themes that build towards a challenging and inspirational peak pose. It’s not too late to still catch part of the challenge. Each day you'll practice a 22-minute sequence taken from across Seasons 1-4, and get access to an email containing video links and tons of information on poses and modifications. Receive 30% off with code “NAMASTEJENNIFER” #TheNamasteChallenge #MyNamasteLife