4 Steps to Saying YES to YOUR Wellbeing


Is your mind always running (I call this the "mind monkey"), do you have the feeling of a never ending to-do list or always feel busy? If there is anything I have learned in my life, it is the value of an organized mind. Ultimately the state of our mind predicts the state of our life and so I try to harvest peace both within my mind and in my life through conscious thoughts and choices. To me, an organized mind learns to prioritize self-care through intentional decisions. This is easier said than done though, so I have developed a four step system to help organize your thoughts and bring more peace and intentionality into your life! 

KORE MOVEMENT , yoga and wellness lifestyle brand.

KORE MOVEMENT, yoga and wellness lifestyle brand.

When faced with a never ending to-do list, I always recommend ranking tasks in order of importance. Think about your to-do list by placing all tasks into one of these four quadrants: 

1. What you MUST do: think about this as what is essential to your life, safety, and overall well-being. These tasks are things you must do even if the consequences are dire. 

2. What you SHOULD do: think about things that would enhance your life even if they are inconvenient or feel like 'busy work.'   

3. What you COULD do: these are things that will lead to growth, enjoyment, or new opportunities. 

4. What you CANT do: these are things that pull you away from what's essential, aren't in alignment with your higher purpose, or make you feel ungrounded. There is tremendous power in learn how to say NO to excess things without feeling guilty. 


A lot of people think of the phrase "I am busy" as a trophy representing personal progress and personal importance, when in reality they are stretching themselves to thin by saying yes to things that don't bring them joy, peace, or growth. By saying NO to certain things, we often end up saying YES to ourselves. And in my book, that is something to be celebrated! 

Always ask yourself: is this task in alignment with my highest purpose? Is this task vital to who I am and what I am here to achieve? If the answer is no, find a way to release the task. I promise, you will end up better off staying in on a Friday night attending to your soul's needs than over extending yourself and adding stress and exhaustion into your life! 

Another trick I find to be extremely helpfully is visualization. This is almost a meditative practice: start by envisioning yourself accomplishing a specific goal or task. Imagine how it will feel. Allow your mind to experience the pride of accomplishing a goal you set out to achieve! The more clearly you visualize, the power potent the manifestation will be. I find this really allows me to set out to accomplish my goals in a clear and organized way because I have already seen and experienced what I want inside my mind! 

Outfit:  Onzie

Outfit: Onzie

The last trick I often use is delegation. I often ask myself questions such as does this task HAVE to be done by me? Am I the only person who can accomplish this task? Is this worth my own personal attention?   

Perhaps we can learn from Warren Buffett, who said, "The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say no to almost everything."

How can you practice saying no to clutter and YES to the wellbeing of your soul this week?