Simple Breathing Exercise To Live In The Moment

What % of the day do you guess your mind wander off? 

47% That’s almost HALF of the time we aren’t “HERE” or “PRESENT”! 

When I post about MINDFULNESS I receive a lot of questions such as “WHAT THE HECK IS MINDFULNESS ANYWAY?” Well….Part of MINDFULNESS is learning to train the mind to BE HERE where we already are.

Meditation helps you to train your brain. Do simple breathing exercises. Want to get started?

Let’s try it together. 


When you’re ready, close your eyes. 

  • Breathe IN, Breathe OUT. 

  • Just be HERE. 

  • Feel your breath go in and out. 

  • Start to notice how you’re feeling. Start at your feet, notice how they feel? Move up to your legs, stomach, shoulders, neck and face. How do they all feel? 

  • Continue taking big INHALES and BIG EXHALES as you scan your body. 

  • Where do you feel tension? Breathe in and relax those areas of your both. 

  • When you’re ready start to soften your eyes and slowly blink open. 

  • One more big INHALE and big EXHALE to let go of any thoughts on your mind in order to BE HERE NOW :) 

How do you feel? I’d love to hear if this worked for you?

What you practice GROWS.

Jennifer Glass