Guaranteed to Motivate Mamas & Dadas to Workout


My parents have always lived a very healthy lifestyle. I’m so grateful for the example they provided me throughout my life. One aspect of health they instilled in me is the importance of regular exercise: Not to look good or loose weight but to get your blood flowing, stimulate brain chemicals and combat health conditions.

Since I was born my dad always incorporated me into his workouts. From lifting me as his weight when I was a baby, to going running with me in high school. Little did I know he already worked out for 2 hours at the gym before he’d meet me for a run 🤣.

For my sister and I exercise is a part of our daily life just like brushing our teeth and eating....wholeheartedly thanks to our Dad!! Even if it’s just 10 minutes we talk about how it’s always been our outlet to relieve stress, boost energy and clear our mind.

The days when I’m exhausted from getting up throughout the night with an infant or when I just don’t feel like moving, I remind myself that I’m now setting an example for my babies. That mamas SLEEP if you can!! I think a nap is far more important than exercise when when in the new baby phase. I’m talking about when I’m just permanently tired :)

Know what’s crazy? These days instead of moving and being active, kids spend MORE THAN 7 hours A DAY sitting around watching TV or on devices. The result? Coupled together with poor diets childhood obesity & type 2 diabetes rates have SKYROCKETED and cognitive + academic performance have DECREASED.

No kid starts exercising because they see a TV ad encouraging them to get off the couch and move. So mamas and dadas: Get up and MOVE! If not for your own self love, do it for your babies. Your own fitness level has a profound influence on your kiddos health.



Find an activity you ENJOY. Set the foundation for a love of fitness as part of your lifestyle.


Kids are always watching and imitating us.

If they see that you regularly exercise and find ways to stay active throughout the day, then chances are, they’ll follow your lead.


Let your kids play in your workout area (supervises). I teach my toddler “those are mamas weights, here are your weights.” I purchased baby rattle weights for him. He jumps around shaking his weights while I workout.

What ways have you found to motivate your kids to be active? How do you incorporate your kids?