365 New Days, 365 New Chances in 5 Simple Steps

New chances to love, laugh, evolve, discover, and ignite your precious and wild life.  

I come from a family of lofty goals and even loftier expectations to accomplish them. I look around and see people scrambling around the new year to become more; become something greater. I see them laying all their failures and faults out on the table in the form of goals with an expectation that accomplishing those goals will make their year a success. I see people scanning their lives and looking for the holes that need filling instead of identifying themselves as complete peoples who could benefit from self-love and gratitude to carry them into a new year.  

Statistics show that 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail. People will claim that they failed because their lives are too busy or because they just weren’t capable of accomplishing what they set out to do. What they don’t know is they were doomed from the onset: they didn’t do the soul work required to make their goals attainable. They didn’t look deep inside and ask themselves what it is they really needed; they asked society what was wrong with them instead. 

It is my belief that if you do not do the soul work and value your existence as sacred and deserving of life altering change, you will never have the capacity to gift it to yourself. 

So here is what I am proposing: make your new year’s resolution YOU. Now let me tell you how in 5 simple steps: 

  1. Love yourself enough to actually sit down and assess what you need. Ask yourself what you could be doing to live a better and more fulfilled life. Understand that your goals will never happen if you don’t begin honoring yourself. Maybe you make it a goal to sit for one hour a week and just write: about your hopes, desires, fears, shortcomings, or greatest joys. Maybe you make it a goal to will love and appreciation upon your body instead of constant scrutiny—write down phrases of gratitude for a body that moves, changes, and harvests your being. Once you appreciate your body then move forward with your goals to look a certain way—but not until then. If you do not learn to appreciate the body you were given no six pack or lean body will provide you happiness. This doesn’t only apply to fitness goals: love yourself to the point where you value and take action upon that relationship that isn’t serving you, that boss that isn’t letting your voice be heard, or creative idea that needs to be given life.

  2. Learn to say no. You heard me; say NO. Saying no allows you to be intentional about the activities you engage in and also opens you up to not being so overcommitted and busy. When you start saying no and leading your life with purpose you’ll notice an immense amount of joy starts to creep in. In 2017 I challenge you to stay true to yourself and live each day with purpose and servitude to your heart.

  3. Make your desire for growth constant. If you dedicate this year to the evolution and growth of yourself, you will discover that everything you want to be is already within you. Everything you long to be is buried beneath the rubble of extra stimuli, busy schedules and over booked calendars, and societal pressures that we allow to enter inside our delicate interior. What needs to be done is serious excavation. Once you’ve gotten rid of all the dirt and muck and made it down to the seeds and bones of everything you are, making goals and dreaming about change becomes effortless. This is the kicker: growth is hard. You must be persistent and courageous in everything you do. Evolution could take many forms: taking more yoga classes, expanding your mind through books, taking up new hobbies, or committing to more in depth and genuine relationships.

  4. Stay Soft. Be gracious with your mind, heart, and body and allow yourself time to get to where you want to be. Sink deeper into who you are so you are able to see clearly who you are meant to be. Softening to me means accepting with gratitude all that you are—it means viewing yourself with soft eyes instead of constantly placing yourself under a fine tuned microscope for scrutiny. Soften into 2017 by accepting where you are and visualizing where it is you want to be or who it is you want to become.

  5. Breathe. You are deserving of change and capable of tremendous growth, so breathe into the start of a fresh year with confidence that you will do just that.

You can do this. 2017 is for the dreamers, the breathers, the creatives, the hard working mothers and fathers, the musicians, and the spiritual vagabonds. This year is all about YOU. Did you set goals or resolutions this year? Tell me!