ELIMINATE Back Aches During Pregnancy

I wish I found this Maternity Support Band earlier in my first pregnancy so that’s why I wanted to share about it. (This is not a paid post, in fact the company doesn’t even know I’m writing it.) It feels like a Sports Bra for you belly! It was truly THE BEST thing I found during pregnancy.  

April 2017-0006.jpg


I also love that it is created by a women’s health physical therapist. This is so important. When my wrists were hurt I popped on a wrist brace and later learned from my physical therapist I was doing more harm than good. This taught me that putting anything in or on your body should be directed by a medical professional. So that’s why I love that this belly band is medical professional approved. It supports the abdominals, takes pressure off the low back, and eases common discomforts of pregnancy.

I love how it feels and helped me to stay active throughout my entire pregnancy.  This band goes from work to workout. From dress to dress down instantly.  

What gems helped you through your pregnancy? Please share!!

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