At Home Massage with Lotus Flowers


As a new mom, I find that getting massages is a luxury I don't always have time for ... but the benefits of massage therapy are incredible and I am always looking for ways to incorporate massage techniques into my life. I was so excited when Pranamat sent me their beautiful Pranamat Eco. When I don't have time to make an appointment, the Pranamat ECO is the perfect quick fix!  

It's made from dozens of lotus shaped massage stimulators that put pressure on all your tight muscles or problem areas to relieve aches, pains, and tension throughout the body. Each mat is made from earth friendly, hypoallergenic materials which is perfect for me because I tend to have skin sensitivities and allergies! All I do is lay on it from the comfort of my living room or bedroom and has several benefits that I have haven't found with any other self-massage mat: it soothes my sore muscles, breaks up tension, improves my sleep, and promotes a feeling of well being and wholeness. So basically, it feels AMAZING! Totally surprised me because all you do is LAY THERE! 

I looked into it to understand how just laying on it makes you feel SO good. It follows the principles of acupressure and each use restores the body's vitality naturally. Each time you lay on the mat, 5,540 massage points are applied steadily to your back neck, shoulders, and back which causes a release of endorphins, stimulates circulation, and warms the muscles. This can help to fight muscle pain, stiffness, rheumatic pain, backache, fibrositis, lumbago, and sciatica. You guys... I am not joking this mat is the cure all and being able to do it from the comfort of my home has been a true life saver! 

I lay on my mat daily as a sort of self care ritual. You can get onto your mat in the morning to jump start your day, or at night to wind down for the day. I truly believe that caring for yourself is caring for the world and I'm glad to have found this mat as another tool to help me love my mind and body so that I can better love the people around me!

What are you favorite self care rituals?? I want to hear!