The Most Powerful Tool for Weight Loss

Create a Vision Board!

Why is visualization so powerful for weight loss? Visualization a way to talk to subconscious.


HOW TO Create A Vision Board in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Print out 3 photos of yourself where you feel you look healthy and happy. And when you look at these photos they give you good, positive, happy memories.

  2. Tape them onto a piece of paper that is large enough to leave room to write a few motivational words. Think of the ONE thing that motivates you the most or your ONE goal. Write this at the top of the paper and tape the 3 photos below.

  3. Now look at the photos for 30 seconds. Let your subconscious absorb them. See yourself, imagine yourself, feel yourself being in that body. Imagine yourself walking on the beach in that body, laying out in the sun in that skin and wearing your favorite outfit in that body. Do it when your mind is calm and relaxed.

Jennifer GlassComment