5 Reasons You NEED Yin Yoga NOW

With the increase in HITT (high intensity) workouts coupled together with the fast paced, stressful world of more, more, more... odds are you need ‘Restorative’ or ‘Yin Yoga’ in your life more than ever. Yin means acceptance or stillness while appreciating the small moments in life. It teaches us to slow down and absorb the wonder of our lives: flaws and all. There are tremendous benefits that come with restorative yoga and while I know this may not be the first thing you run to when you want a good workout or challenging flow, it is a great way to compliment your regular training and I highly recommend adding it to your weekly routine!  


Outfit:  Alo Yoga

Outfit: Alo Yoga


  1. Soothes and Balances Nervous System: Going through a restorative practice essentially resets your nervous system and allows you to experience renewal and rejuvenation. When our nervous system is fried, our whole life can seem out of balance. Restorative yoga optimizes the energy flow to our organs, encourages tissue renewal, and helps us channel the parasympathetic nervous system which takes us away from our regular “fight or flight” responses to situations. The calming nature of a restorative class comforts the mind and calms the body on a cellular level to keep you healthy and balanced all week long!

  2. Boost Your Immune System: Regular restorative yoga improves your immune system by bringing energy and healing to vital organs. By doing this you become less of a victim in the face of illness and fatigue.

  3. Quiet Your Mind: Think of restorative yoga almost as a moving meditation- you are moving slowly in and out of supported poses to renew your body and mind. By slowing our breathing and turning our third eye inward, we tap into our heightened sense of being and can easily go deeper into meditation. Practice releasing thoughts as they come into your mind and drop into a place of contentment. You will be surprised how much peace this simple practice can give you.

  4. Enhance Flexibility: Restorative yoga can help you enhance your flexibility due to the extended holds in each posture. In a normal class it is common to pass through the postures quickly to keep in “flow” with the breath, but in restorative each posture is held so that you can truly experience the pose and go deeper into the stretch. The idea is to release the body completely in each posture and go deeper with each exhalation.

  5. Encourages Mindfulness: Restorative yoga naturally encourages mindfulness due to the awareness of self and body inherent in the practice. Each moment is an act of intention: an intention to release, to surrender, to go deeper, to focus on breath, to let go of thoughts. The slow movements allow you to experience each movement intimately; each physical sensation, thought, or emotion is felt profoundly. You begin to feel the world and where you stand within in.

Do you practice YIN Yoga or Restorative? How does it make you feel? I'd love to hear how it benefits YOU! 

Be on the lookout for a restorative sequence to get you started with the wonderful practice. Namaste Yogis!